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Tai Chi Chih is a discipline of 19 easy-to-learn graceful and gentle movements and one pose that focuses on activating, circulating and balancing the life force energy (chi) within a person. This form of moving meditation was founded by Tai Chi Master Justin Stone and is based on the ancient Chinese system of exercise.

Tai Chi Chih is easy to learn, requires no special abilities, special clothing or equipment and can be learned in a series of 10 lessons. Many taking the classes experience profound changes from the beginning and with continued practice can greatly improve the quality of their lives.


  • increases control of daily life

  • reduces daily stress and tension

  • lowers blood pressure

  • reduces depression, anger, fatigue and anxiety

  • relieves neck and back pain

  • improves weight control

  • enhances muscle tone

  • increases overall energy-strength-flexibility

  • improves circulation and balance

  • slows the ageing process

  • enhances the body’s natural healing powers

I invite you to this life-changing experience through a Tai Chi Chih class and look forward to getting the opportunity of impacting your life.

If you would like to attend or host a class please contact Jerry by clicking HERE.

More information about the Founder of T'ai Chi Chih Justin Stone can be found by clicking HERE

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