Jerry Jonnson 2019

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What People are Saying

I had the honour and privilege of working with Jerry for several years at Head Start. His compassion, kindness, honesty and integrity are just a few of his leadership qualities. I've worked in several businesses through my lifetime and I have known only a handful of Leaders of his calibre. Thank you, Jerry, for making this world a gentler place. With gratitude. 


                                                                                                                                       Beth Haney

Jerry is an expert in his field; a seasoned teacher of practical ways to create more of what we all want in our lives ... more balance,  personally and professionally. He’s also a great guy; friendly, funny, heartful and full of life wisdom. Jerry is an endearing teacher you’ll come to admire and greatly enjoy!

                                                                                              Elizabeth Tyler

I am an erstwhile exponent of the long Yang form of Tai Chi.  I have been associated with Jerry for some time now and have found him to be an excellent instructor in many forms of Tai Chi both for able-bodied and disabled people alike.  He has a very gentle approach and what I would describe as a ‘Zen’ state of mind; so important to get full benefits from Tai Chi.  A very mild form of exercise, Tai Chi improves posture, flexibility, high blood pressure and can produce a state of mindfulness.  Jerry is a formally trained psychologist and  I thoroughly recommend him as both a character and instructor.

Barrie Simmonds